Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hanging in Charlotte

There is something about being in your parents home. It doesn't matter if they live across the Country, home is where your parents are. I loved the days when we just hung out at the Mission Home, ran silly errands or went to the park. I love being in the presence of my parents. I have missed having late night chats in the kitchen, helping my mom cook dinner, learning from my mom and dad, laughing until we cry, watching tv/movies (well, that was mostly me and Scotty :) ). I got really sick the day James flew back to Idaho.  It was so nice being in my parents home and having my mom take care of me and to have her and my dad watch over the boys. I cried one night to my Dad thanking him for all the help he was to my boys. I think my boys enjoyed some one on one time with their Grandparents while I locked myself in the bathroom for 4 days straight. (yes, it was that bad)  I've missed watching my kids interact with their Grandparents.  It's going to be a blessed day when both sets of my kids grandparents will be back in Utah -  only 9 more months! eek!!

So here are some of the fun things we did while visiting Charlotte, which included:
playing new games,
playing in wheelchairs,
Going to get ice cream (lots and lots of ice cream)
Catching fire flies,
my dad being my dad - always making me laugh until I cry.
Building bird houses,
fixing the bird house because the squirrels kept breaking the house to get the food,
chasing squirrels,
going to The Olive Tap
(okay, side note - The Olive Tap. AMAZING! They have all these aged basaltic vinegars and olive oils. You pick what flavor you want and the fill up your jar for you. I got some amazing oils which have been so fun to cook with.  Look it up online -it's amazing. They ship too! I came home with White Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, Tuscany Herb Olive oil and a thick, delicious Balsamic Vinegar)
Swinging on vines in the back yard,
going to gorgeous parks.

It makes me sad that this was most likely our last time going to Charlotte, North Carolina.  My parents will be home in no time. Charlotte has a special place in my heart. I love every little thing about Charlotte, and will miss it dearly.

Thanks mom and dad for the unforgettable time we had in Charlotte!
We love and miss you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hiking the Appalachians

Appalachian Mountains
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

We took a day and the Blue Ridge Parkway to the small town of Blowing Rock, NC.
Just outside the town are some amazing hikes with gorgeous waterfalls.
The drive up the Blue Ridge was beautiful. 
The trees are amazing, and the view was spectacular.
We went on a foggy, stormy day so some sights were limited.
For instance:

Lincoln loves hiking. Winston hates not taking a nap. 
So once again, we were facing the day with a grumpy toddler.

I just love being with my parents.

After the hiking to the waterfalls we went to see THE Blowing Rock.
My parents were laughing as we drove to it.
This little site is privately owned. They charge you a whole $7.00 to go look at a rock.
But wait - they have 'gardens' too. 
haha - you mean a couple flower beds?!
We had a good laugh.
Either those it was kinda silly, the view so amazing and the legend...well, you can decide...

"A despondent Indian brave -- torn by his crush on an Indian maiden and his manly responsibilities -- threw himself to certain death off of this rocky precipice. The maiden prayed from the outcropping until the brave was blown back into her arms!"

I will say, it was quite fascinating throwing leaves off the rock and seeing them fly up over our heads. 

Love this man of mine!